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Angelica Biography

Birthdate: April 14, 1993
Birthplace: Russia
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 173cm/5´8
Breasts: 30B
Started Modelling: 2011

Also Known as:
Anjelica @
Anjelica @
Anjelica @
Anjelica @
Anjelica @
Katherine A @ Sex
Anjelica @
Ebbi @
Ebbi @
Katherine A @ Met
Abby @
Abby @
Chelsea @ MPL
Anjelica @
Anjelica @
Kathy I @
Abbiy @


Anjelica Bio — 28 Comments

    • Bonjour anjelica,

      Je t envoie du soleil
      Là où je suis, le ciel est bleu
      Merci, pour ton joli sourire qui brille même à minuit, au fond d’un tunnel!

  1. Dear Anjelica – how wonderfull naturel and erotic
    and appetizing you are. Thank’s so much for your
    exsistence. Saw you in a couple of (very different)
    films from Fredy Riger today – and please – if he
    makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera
    than other directors you work with, thank him too, will you.
    Best regards

  2. Omfg ur so fucking beautifull I cant get enough of u. U intrige my inresest wit da drop of ur dress or dat seductive smile of urs but i wonder wat interest u

  3. Hi! dear Angelica.
    I like your beauty and I would like to meet you before that please sent me your profile and real full name with your site.. see u soon

    • Dude Mr Xmale you’re fucking creepy. Do you seriously think she’s going to give you her real full name? Fuck man I don’t even want to know what kind of person you are IRL if you spend your time asking porn stars that WILL NEVER see your message for their info. Even if they did see it they woouldn’t give it out since for all she knows you could be a freak. Which judging by the fact you ask, you must be rofl

  4. Hi Anjelica ,
    I’m Davide an italian tennis teacher around the world and beliave me I saw many wonderful girls/womens and it’s the firs time that I was speechless. Write me if will rest only a dream to meet you somehow ;) Thanks for your attention and good everything. Ciao

  5. Dear Lady,

    you are simply amazing. I would love even to share a dinner once in Moscow with you. Do you speak English or tolko Russkiy? :)


  6. I do not watch your Videos anymore – I am very tired of seeing you fuck the same guy over and over and over and over.

    It’s BORING!!!!!!

  7. Hiii Anjelica or even an Angel this is Rahul from India andddd I just would like to say that You are soooooo beautiful and cute and I just loveeee to be your life time companion :)
    I know its never possible but still m just trying my luck here and desperatelyyyy hope to see your response or atleast atleastttt a single reply :)
    Bie tk god bless you cutie :*

  8. why u always filming just one guy. who is he? is he ur real life boyfriend or what? i really wonder that. why is he so lucky :(

  9. Under another man with a large penis you especially want to see under black. and a pleasure to swallow sperm expect Anjelica Sevigen

  10. Dear lady!
    You are so beautiful, you are amazing, you dont need to do this all, because you are more expensive than this.

  11. hi anjelica wow love u .. so much.. want to meet u .. if u sometimes come to zurich switzerland pls let me know.. want to meet the hottest girl in the world.. big kiss

  12. hey Anejlica im a huge fan i have an inquiry and that is to make an Instagram fan page for you? with your permission :)

    btw that guy you always do porn with is he your bf?

  13. Hi Anjelica. Just wanted you to know how much pleasure you give us guys. There are many girls on the web, but there is something so fresh and sweet about you. I wish you success and happiness, knowing that you have done something good for so many. Love and kisses.

  14. Angélica, sou solteiro tenho 38 anos sou Militar do corpo de bombeiro no BRASIL…Desde a primeira vez que vi seu video e suas fotos me apaixonei por voce, não pelo sexo mas sim pela sua beleza e su olhar que me encantou. Te adoro e quem sabe um dia poder ver voce nem que seja de longe. bjo.

  15. Приветик красотка. Я тебя приглашаю посетить замок Дракулы, я хочу быть твоим графом Дракула. Хочешь милая?

  16. Welcome Anjelica
      My name is Adrian since I saw pictures of your beautiful body I have come to only one conclusion Your body is the one and only wonder of this world. I have a big request to you if there is a possibility since I saw your beautiful body dreamed to have your naked autographed photo with a dedication to Adriana. I would be very touched to give such a picture to my email. With hot greetings. Adrian

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